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Accountants: better start reading about XML and its impact on our software and electronic commerce.

Client/Server is out and web technology is in. Small Business moves to Accounting Systems that run on Webservers instead of Fileservers. Whether the Webserver runs on your LAN or at your ISP, this change is rocking the software world: Web-based Accounting.   

Accounting Hypercubes on internet will cause big social changes in the future. Consider what ASPs can do with their intercompany journal bus. Posting intercompany payments on the server makes an ASP like a bank. 

While you're at it, here are 26 questions to ask your Web Ledger provider, and 1850 questions not to ask.

"We don't need no steenkin' Web Ledgers!!!" ---How to service Peachtree or Quickbooks clients remotely.

GPL software is free, and charging fees for online accounting systems built on GPL Software is perfectly legal. Get positioned to sell something which costs nothing, but is extremely valuable if sold supported as a service.

Comparing 20 of the ISPs who provide ADSL in the Seattle Area. Obviously, it's time for us all to get connected at 256K. The ISP will charge you the same as 28.8K dialup. The telco will charge you $35/month but you may not need a 2nd phone line anymore.

Actually, the page you're looking is a rather obsolete notion; there are so many good indexes online. Try Altavista Looksmart index and drill down into internet commerce, for example.  The best resource finding internet BSPs or ASPs is ASPNews.com.   The best general purpose search engine seems to be Google.

Get into online Accounting Discussion Forums!
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Forum Technology.

Here are some editorials and rants:

Musings on primitive languages and CPAs
Accountants discuss low-cost remote accounting solutions
CPAs and controllers responsible for the Data Warehouse
More design issues, if you're into writing GL software
Accounting Systems tables and objects links
Its not a question of software. It's representation of knowledge
Should your accounting software allow realtime editing?
Achieving a level playing field in the software industry
Solidarity with Microsoft CPAs and Temps

Some general E-Commerce Links

Here are some of my recent usenet posts: Deja News Search (gulp - I hope I haven't said anything too stupid, recently, at whatever point in time you read this! )

Peachtree Office Accounting is the first major software below $100 to expose a complete object hierarchy for programming by Visual Basic. Here is a printscreen just to make it more graphic for you. Is this significant or what? Be sure to read the whitepaper. (note, sadly, Sage Software of the UK has since bought Peachtree and terminated future development of POA.  The moved is widely perceived as protecting their expensive midrange software. )  

I also think CYMA IV is a good strategic bet for Object Oriented developers of vertical market solutions. Here is a brief Comparison of Features. CYMA IV has a good SDK and it exports data directly to Andersen A+Tax corporate, partnership, or individuals.

Be sure to look at Visual Accountmate.  FoxPro developers having a field day with this, it's way better than Solomon or Great Plains for small business.  Ask Myron Joy CPA and Foxpro guru; he is actually running this as a WebLedger. 

I do some minor Visual Basic programming. Here are some Downloadable files

You know what they say about opinions - they are, like, well, everybody has one. Well, I have lots of them!

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