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Web-based forums: (Some of these will require you to complete their user application forms:)

Electronic Accountant
(Faulkner & Gray) -a whole set of forums. Reasonably active; they have half-dozen magazines generating hits onto their webpage, running Net.Thread: PCMag Byte
AICPA (American Institute of CPAs ) Forums
Reasonably active. Bugs have been fixed. Uses the forums component within a whole integrated web/commerce/content solution from NetCreate
ASP Island Forums 
(Running ASP pages, probably IIS server/Frontpage forums)
ASP News Forums 
(outsourced at Paradise Web running on Powerforum Plus Pro, an incredibly great service provider that allows the poster to use HTML, edit his posts later etc.)
WebHarbor Forums (a leading ASP information website. running DCForum not much content yet at this time)
UK AccountingWeb (good content; slow moving; uses OriellyWebBoard platform.)
Accountants World (this is an NT-IIS-ASP board; active, good accounting discussion and VERY good website.)
AccountantingSoftWorld based on webbot software; active accounting software discussion and good website!)
Flashcommerce ASP discussion (custom perl web board, no threading, zillions of topic boards.  Hopelessly too slow; good "news" but little interaction. Big integrated marketing site with lots of click & cookie tracking) discussions
ASP board; slow. semiactive.
Financial Systems Forum (custom perl web board, for enterprise/high end - slow turnover)
WebTrust Alliance Discussion Area (WebCrossing (old v2) Hosted by PlanetCast; nice multi-message pages show the messages in sequence--very usable, but not threaded. Not much interaction here- slow turnover)

Michael Rappa's Managing the Digital Enterprise Forum another UltimateBBS; good! 
Online Management IOMA Discussion Groups
(active. Good content, especially Accounts Payable issues. Running UltimateBBS.  Nice multiple message views.  Extreme moderators however.)
CPANet old CF Forums and new ASP Forums (good volume, good treeview threaded webboard 4)
BizProWeb's Accounting & Finance Forum
(active! good stuff.  Standard UBB style webboard)
California Society of CPAs  and and
Peachtree group
(slow moving; specific pt questions)
Quickbooks groups
(lots of messages)
Pro2Net - new, empty set of forums.  Running ASP pages, probably IIS server/Frontpage forums.
ERP Fans' Baan User Discussion Forums
(all of these are native cgi script,  threaded listings,
ERP Fan's Oracle User Discussion Forums   
multiple topic categories, high performance, and
ERP Fan's PeopleSoft User Discussion Forums    
have very interesting topics but mostly on
ERP Fan's SAP User Discussion Forums                   
systems-related questions.)
ERP Fan's "everybody-else's ERP User Discussion Forums
Systems Union SunAccounts forum
(this is an NT-IIS-ASP based board; very low volume. maybe dead.)
The Red Herring Think Tank
(WebCrossing platform.  all business topics.  thin volume but interesting.)
Excite's Unmoderated:
(actually ReMarq interface onto usenet.)
Excite's ever-changing assortment of Accounting Forum Links
(ReMarq interface.)
Ernst & Young's Threaded Discussions
(pitiful.  A good example of "open discussion" in a button-down culture.  It's been there so long their meta keyword is "big six" but still has only 50 messages.)
CFO Magazine Discussions
(another heavy-duty webcrossing discussion--good reading!)
(offline?  empty.)
Accounting Discussion
(custom/cgi, light traffic, tidbit messages)
Champion products forum (wwwboard, very simple message list; vendor support questions/answrs)
CPA Online (The Accountant's Ledger)
(perl? custom, threaded single message list, very light traffic)
AEC Management Software
(perl? custom, threaded, multiple messages per page; very pleasant; good.)
CIO Magazine discussion area
( hosted. active but content has gone "downmarket".)
Real Estate Accounting Professionals
(wwwboard, active! RE software questions/answers)
Harry Pottol's Quickbooks Help Forum
Jack Burson's CPA website Forums
Dun & Bradstreets' Outsourcing Forum.
Professional Pricing Society Forums
Asia Pacific Management Forums
Malaysia Ecommerce Hub
OneList AccountingDiscussion
Visual Basic Forums
Harvard Business Review forums
Career Magazine
Byte forums deserve mention

TWiki Webs!
WikiWiki clones:
Sourceforge and C2

e-commerce web discussion boards:'s XML discussions mainpage's list archives includes ebXML list archives

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Mailing lists, too numerous to list them all

Forensic accounting at:

Resource for finding new Internet News Groups and Mailing lists: LISZT.
List of mailing list providers
list of lists of lists
BizProWeb's list and group finder and
list of Business Forums
Tapnet maintains several lists for accountants. But they seem to be silent.
Here is a search engine for academic mailing lists: KOVACS
A Net News - read these Message Archives!
Finance Net's huge Mailing Lists for accounting/finance
Loyola's list for accountants and CPAs will soon have web archives.
Hippo lists (costs$)

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