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Contents: Webledgers
BSP's, ASPs, Services dot-coms, Portals, Dashboards, etc.
ASP/BSP directories, news, and information sites

Monolithic dot-coms who "Do it All"
Freenet and other Peer-to-Peer filesystems
Accounting Software Locators and Lists
Open Source accounting software
Email payment services

Electronic payments services

Electronic Billing Links
General e-commerce Press and Information
Free upload websites
Shareware Websites
Yellow pages / business finders websites
Collaboration Platforms
EAI resources 


BSPs (Business service providers)     ( .....who lack general ledger solutions)

ASP/BSP News Websites   ( ....Bye.  You'll lose interest in my website after seeing these!)

Some Monolithic DotComs    ( ....they will provide all the above functions, single-handedly.)

Peer-to-Peer filesystems   ( unregulated internet within the internet)

Some Midrange Accounting ASPs   ( midrange not enterprise software)

Some Electronic Transaction Notaries   ( ...making transactions less repudiable.)

Some WebDirectories ( ...take your customers/vendors list online just like a webledger does for your GL)

Email Payment providers

Electronic Payments link farms

Electronic Billing Links              ( no particular order)

Website audit/assurance links

Crypto links

Open Source accounting software links:

Accounting Software Locators and Lists

General e-commerce Press and Information:

Free upload websites:


Shareware Links

Some yellow pages/automated business finders 




Collaboration Platforms for remote employees/contractors 

EAI resources


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