Comparison: Object Oriented Accounting Products: date 6/99. not maintained.

Technology Overview

CYMA IV Accounting
Single user price $295/module

Peachtree Office Accounting
Single user price $76

Database back end

Btrieve 6.20 MKDE

Sybase SQL Anywhere v5.5

Database vendors current version

Pervasive SQL 7.0

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA 6.0)


Sharable file on workstation or LAN (upgradable to Client/Server)

Single user file on workstation or LAN

Programming language

Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft VB5

Windows API



Expected performance rating of the technology



Programmability Good. Developers Kit $100 provides VB and C++ examples. You can also use any current Btrieve or Pervasive ODBC toolkit Excellent-provides VB5 object interface in your Object Browser even without a Developers Kit. But the DevKit has all the documentation, costs $800.
Strategic Outlook Excellent, stable long term company. Integrates with Andersen A-Plus tax for Individual, Corp, Ptnr, etc. Doubtful since takeover of Peachtree Software by Sage, a giant UK conglomerate with too much capital. Sage has indicated publicly that Peachtree Office Accounting development may not be continued. POA is a single-user program that needs much improvement in usability before it can compete with other products already in the marketplace.