Ten points recommended by industry observers to fix the Microsoft problem:


Click here for the full text of the unsigned "Microsoft remedies document," which was first circulated around the Internet in April, 1998, has been forwarded to the US Department of Justice.

  1. Separate the Applications Business Units from the Operating Systems Units.
  2. Prohibit the Crippling of Competing Products; Open Windows Interfaces.
  3. Prohibit Tying the Operating System to Other Applications.
  4. Prohibit Predatory Pricing. Free isn't free when the vendor owns the operating system.
  5. Prohibit Anti-Competitive Contracting and Licensing.
  6. Permit OEMs to Interrupt the "Boot-Up Sequence."
  7. Prohibit Any Discriminatory Access to Internet Content through the Operating System.
  8. Prohibit Pre-Announcements of Products more than 6 months in advance.
  9. Divestiture of Compatibility Laboratories.
  10. Industry Monitoring of Compliance with the Remedies Identified Above.

I don't know what the solution is to this difficult problem, but it is important to everybody that the programming talents of programmers around the world should be used efficiently, and that the software achieve greater interoperability in the coming networked environment.

Microsoft has provided great benefits by achieving a standardized server and desktop platform, but that environment must be accessible to everybody on a reasonably equal basis.