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Ronja is an Open-Hardware optical datalink that connects two PC's point-to-point. Ronja's design is licensed under the GNU Public License: you get all the necessary documentation and construction guides free. The construction costs are minimal; it's probably the cheapest wireless system ever. The operation is very reliable and immune to interference.

Ronja 10M Metropolis

A new model has been developped, built, installed, and proved to be functional. It is called Ronja 10M Metropolis and obsoletes the old device, Ronja 115 Loopipe. It is better in all parameters and the price for its parts is the same, so there is no point in building Ronja 115 Loopipe any more.

The following guide contains many images, and the schematics are especially big. It is recommended to browse with images switched off if you are behind a slow connection. Some browsers (like Netscape ) may display the grayscale images uninteligibly and/or with bad gamma. It is a problem of the browser, not of the guide.

The guide is not perfect, some minor parts (like mast and wall holder) are still not done, some pictures are not much clear, there may be bugs (forgotten items in required material), and explanations may be unclear. If you have improvement suggestions, send them to author's email address or make a patch to a file and send it there. Now, activate the guide by clicking on the big picture.

Ronja 10M Metropolis Guide

You may download the complete guide as .tar.gz. Untar it, cd metropolis/guides, and view index.html.

Obsolete - Ronja 115 Loopipe - Obsolete


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