WebFunds.org, the good people who write WebFunds, issue some test contracts from time to time. In this, they are assisted by Systemics Inc which provides access to a Ricardo Issuance Server.

Below, we present two contracts. Firstly, Glitter, a sort of knock-off on the real stuff that DigiGold.net issues. Glitter is a valueless currency that is denominated in tens of sparkles. Sparkles are pretty but worthless, as is any group of ten sparkles.

Secondly, BeerVouchers are a loyalty currency that result in beers being served on presentation to the Legal Issuer. Certain restrictions probably exist, such as being in the right pub on the right evening, and also only redeeming as many beers as can be drunk by one person.

Live Test Contracts:

Name Formula Contract Server Balance Sheet LaVella

Fe S2

Glitter.asc .loc Sheet M

C2 H5 O H

BeerVouchers.asc .loc Sheet M

The ricardian contracts that are issued as test contracts have no reserves.

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