The source repository is reflected on the web starting at:

This is read-only browsing, and is no use for downloading the source. However, it provides easy version diffs and access to commit messages.

CVS-web was kindly set up for us by the Cryptix Development Team.

Note that there is a bug that prevents the 4 files in the top directory being accessed via this method. As they relate only to CVS itself, that isn't an issue with browsing. "Fixed in a future release..."


To set up anonCVS, set your CVSROOT to

Now execute the CVS login command and provide 'anoncvs' (without the quotes) as the password. Execute

cvs get java lib contracts

to obtain all of the WebFunds source.

You need cvs(1) installed and running to access this. Anon-CVS was kindly set up for us by the Cryptix Development Team; refer to their Anon CVS page for more details.

Further Instructions

This page only gets you access to the repository - it is the once-off instructions. For more help on CVS, see the CVS cheat sheet. For compilation, etc, see The Guide.

Devloper Access

The following describes access by developers which is only granted after having worked with the team for a period of time, as is normal with open source projects.

Unix Platforms

You need cvs(1) and ssh(1) installed and running.

Download the joincvs script and run it in a new directory created for webfunds source.

The script does these things:

  1. Make a profile called .webfunds (and a local one .webfunds_local).
  2. Make a local ssh directory, with:
  3. (optionally), mails the key to the administrator, for account creation.
  4. Once the account is set up, check out The Guide for compilation, etc.

Windows Platforms

  1. Download the CVS zip file and extract it to the directory where you want to put webfunds.
  2. Run
    Then mail the file cvs\.ssh\ and your preferred username to the administrator.
  3. Wait for confirmation and then either change the %1 in the files update.bat, get.bat and commit.bat to your username or always run them with your username as a commandline parameter.
  4. Then edit the file init.bat and replace JDK11* with the location of the JDK you are using.
  5. Do the same for the location of swingall.jar that you are using, if using JDK 1.1.
  6. Once the account is set up, check out The Guide for compilation, etc.

Other Platforms

For other platforms, there is nothing that is currently available. Please put it together! Here are some notes on Other Platforms.

Access to the Repository

You will need these things set up:
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