There is no download script for some platforms like the Mac.

Here are some notes on how to make a package for them.

Files Needed

  1. lib/*, being the following

  2. java/init shows example initialisation - CLASSPATH, etc. You should read this to work out what to write on the platform. You will need (at least) the following in the CLASSPATH:

    In general, the full pathname is needed, relatives don't work. Each of the three jars must be named explicitly and fully.

    Also, on non-Unix platforms, you need all the JVM archives, etc, in the CLASSPATH. Consult your Java doco.

  3. java/wf shows the running command.

Once the files are identified, as above, zip them up or otherwise transfer them to the machine.

Cryptix "Installation"

Cryptix needs to be installed in the Java security file. Literally, this means adding the lines:
    # Added for Cryptix V3:

to the file lib/security/ in your JDK directory.


Now, to run WebFunds, examing the scripts in the cvs tree. In command line parlance, the current line is:
    java webfunds.client.AccountBrowserImpl


Once you've got it going for the platform, please supply the details - scripts and files needed - to the Webfunds Team, so we can put it into the Download Index.
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