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If reading this file within your WebFunds directory, you might like to check the latest version.

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Current Version: 1.7.0:

Summary of changes since 1.5.

Version 1.6 was not ever released formally, and encompasses the above changes. Go to History on site for latest changes or this release History to see details of all prior changes.

Getting it Going

General Information

In general, you need a JVM program. See Other Components for more help on Java.


. . . MacOS
Unzip it
Move swingall.jar from the /Swing 1.1.1/ directory to the /WebFunds/ directory.
Prepare (once only)
Run JBindery from the /MRJ SDK 2.1/JBindery/ directory.

Select Command in left column and type in the first line: webfunds.client.Core

Select ClassPath in left column and click on the add .zip file button.

Open the Jars in the order listed in the above Jars List. Note that as you are running JDK 1.1, you will need cryptix-jce-compat.jar (before other Cryptix jars) and swingall.jar (last).

Highlight each of the .jar files, except swingall.jar, in turn and use the up-arrow -- below the Edit and Delete buttons on the right side of the application window -- to move them above $CLASSPATH.

Leave swingall.jar below $CLASSPATH.


Hit Run.


. . . Unix
Unzip it

Assuming that you want WebFunds installed in a directory appl, then do something like:

      $ cd appl
      $ unzip /tmp/WebFunds.zip
      $ cd WebFunds
Prepare (once only)
Create runlocal and set the variables as indicated in run. Here's an example:

      export   JDK=/apps/java/jdk1.1.8
      export SWING=/apps/java/swingall.jar    # only for jdk 1.1
The run script looks in the above variables and some well known places.

You might also need to do:

        $ chmod 755 run


      $ cd appl/WebFunds
      $ ./run

DOS / M$ Windows

This version is only for developer access, there is no support for install wizards from WebFunds.org.

. . . DOS
Unzip it

Unzip it somehow, but *preserve* the directories.

Prepare (once only)

Create runlocal.bat by copying runlocal_example.bat and set the variables in there.


Double-click on the [DOS] run PIF file.

Jars List

These JARs need to be available (1.2)

  1. cryptix-jce-compat.jar JDK 1.1 ONLY (before other Cryptix jars)
  2. cryptix-jce-api.jar
  3. cryptix-jce-provider.jar
  4. cryptix-openpgp.jar
  5. SOX.jar
  6. WebFunds.jar
  7. swingall.jar JDK 1.1 ONLY (last one)

The order above is known to work, other orders may not. Check the run* scripts for further hints. Note that Cryptix.jar is now no longer required for releases 1.7 and after.

3rd Party Wallets

3rd party wallets such as Trader from Systemics should be installed in plugins/wallets. Ask your vendor for details.


When reporting difficulties, bear in mind:

Other Components

You need these first:


You need a JDK or JRE. WebFunds is expected to work with any of these distributions:

Java 2 - JDK 1.3

reported as working on DOS.

Java 2 - JDK 1.2

from Sun's Java page - v1.2.2 (at time of writing)

Java 1 - JDK 1.1

from Sun's Java page - preferably the latest (1.1.8 at the time of writing).

the Swing swingall.jar is needed for JDK 1.1 only. Preferably 1.1.1-RELEASE (1.1.1b2 will work for the main screens but won't display correct text in some new areas like the SignContractWizard). 1.1 will not work at all.

You have to obtain these from Javasoft or somewhere similar. JRE's should also work. Nobody has reported it as working with any non-Javasoft sourced product.

For MacOS

Download & Install in this order: All of which must be configured as described above.

Quick Intro

Setting Up

The distribution includes some contracts, but these are not installed.

To introduce new contracts, hit the [new] button. It should show a browse dialog with some files.

Contracts are files with a .asc suffix. Select one. It will appear on the contracts browser in the main box.

On the main box, left-click (double-click for Macs) on the little icon to open it up Then, right-click (option-click) for a pop-up menu (bug, only on the hash/name). Select [add account]. Select the SOX wallet (the only one there currently).

Unlimited Transactions

With no money, you can always do two things to test WebFunds:

Try it!


If WebFunds reports that it cannot get through to the servers, it may be that your firewall is blocking outward connections. WebFunds uses HTTP protocols, but is directed to non-HTTP ports by the servers. This is the "correct" thing to do, but will in future also attempt to communicate on the HTTP port 25 in order to bypass firewall checks.

Check with your administrator to see if outward connections get blocked to higher-number ports.

Join the MailGroup

This copy of WebFunds is provided with no support or representation as to what it is or can do. You need to join the join the mail group for any help you might want.


Activity is now stored in History on site for latest changes or release History to see details of all changes prior to this release.

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