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Todd F. Boyle CPA
International Accounting Services, LLC
9745  128th Avenue NE
Kirkland WA 98033  U.S.A.
(425) 827-3107
WA Business License

         ...and its other contributors.

...I am not associated with anybody.  I am an independent webledger consultant, providing services
     to developers, providers, and users of  webledgers.   
 My current contract is 32 hrs/week for on XML interfaces and other architecture, effective 10 Dec 2000.

...from January 1997-December 1999, I provided these accounting and IT services in the Seattle area 
      (small business accounting systems, and typical CPA stuff like tax returns and financial statements.)

...from 1983 thru 1996, I worked in Japan for Alexander insurance 6 years, Ernst & Young four yrs, PWC one year, etc.

Required statement under WAC 4-25-660(2):  "I hold a valid Washington state CPA certificate."  If Washington state had an electronic database of CPAs online you could check that out for yourself.  But the real purpose of the regulation is to pump up the credibility and image of the CPA franchise on the backs of thousands of independent working CPAs like myself, so that a few huge international CPA firms who perform audits can continue to enjoy privileged positions in the economy, extracting rents and dispensing favors to global corporations.

TB 1/28/2001