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Small and medium sized businesses need progress towards

There's nothing in the pipeline from today's software vendors. They do not altogether lack vision but their programmers won't learn new tricks. Therefore, new names will replace the old names:

Small Business Web Ledgers:

Larry Ellison's NetLedger
SecuredBooks version 1.0:
ECompany Network
AccountWizard interfaces a Web storefront with Quickbooks
Review of Resource/Phoenix

Island of Cyprus: Netveil
Virtual Controller
Zoo Net ZAS (online billing)
OneCore is a cash-centerd system
Metagenix sells a reporting solution GenaMart

ERP Web Ledgers (usually Client/Server over Citrix/screen scraping)

Oracle Business Online
SAP home page says nothing
But they rent thru ASPs:
Peoplesoft doesn't say much either
But they also rent thru
  Ciber Global
  US Internetworking
Great Plains also rents: thru
Siebel Enterprise Applications
(...nuffa that. I mention these only in case there is an outbreak of price competition some day.)

Developers who do custom, private Web GL's:

Ric Foxall's custom cgi:
Charles Liu's online G/Ls

Vapor Systems to watch:

The mysterious WebGL

Open Source Web Ledger projects

GPL is the General Public License. Here are 6 active, GPL open software organizations:

GPL does not bar selling services. You can implement GPL software for free, and sell subscriptions to the service for hundreds of dollars per month. Here are some more info.

E-commerce hosts that facilitate transactions between their members

NetGateway ICC

(yeah I know, there are lots more)

Online purchasing dashboards (multivendor malls with P.O. tracking)

Works provides direct access to office supply vendors, integrated reports and tracking purchase/shipping


The incomparable ASP News website
Bob Lewis has it figured out in Infoworld July 19 and July 26


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