The Merger

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Name ideas

Possible web page and email list hosts:

CVS Host


(This needs to be broken down into "back-end" and "user-interface" jobs.)

Feature Request


(most of this is copied from the Projects page... is this current, Linas?)

Code conventions:

Comment block at beginning of functions:
       * functionName
       *    a brief (1-3 line) description of function
       * Args:   arg1 - a discription of the argument
       *         arg2 - ...
       * Return: what the return value of the function is
       * Global: list any global variables this function uses
Indenting rules, for end of source file:
        Local Variables:
        tab-width: 2
        indent-tabs-mode: nil
        mode: c-mode
        c-indentation-style: gnu
        eval: (c-set-offset 'block-open '-)
Other points:


Rob Clark
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