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Lesstif, a free Motif clone
The Xbae widget, used in xacc

Rob Clark
Linas Vepstas

The goal of xacc it to provide an easy to use, yet powerful utility to help keep your finances in order.

  • Easy to use interface. If you understand the register in your checkbook, you can use xacc.
  • Multiple accounts. Supported account types include:
    • Bank Account, for checking and savings accounts.
    • Cash Account, for tracking petty cash.
    • Credit Card.
    • Asset and Liability accounts.
    • Stock and Mutual Fund portfolios to track stock investments.
    • Income and Expense accounts.
    • Equity.
  • Each account keeps a running balance as well as a cleared balance, so you can keep track of transactions that have not cleared yet, such as outstanding checks.
  • Quickfill, to make it easier to enter recurring transactions.
  • Automatic Transfers between accounts.
  • General Ledger. This is an advanced feature for more serious work. Supported are:
    • Double Entry: Transactions can appear in two accounts, one debited, one credited.
    • Sub-accounts: A master account can have a hierarchy of detail accounts.
    • Income/Expense account types.
    • General Ledger for displaying multiple accounts at once.
  • Quicken Import. Support for import from Quicken Version 3 QIF files
  • Free! The source code is covered by the GNU GPL.
Possible future features:
  • Password encrypted data files.
  • Reports, and neat graphs and stuff.

12 Apr 98 The xacc project has changed names and become the GnuCash project. The new web page is here. (The is no stable version of GnuCash yet, so if you are looking for stable code, stick with the latest version of xacc 1.0.x).
4 Mar 98 The free financial software merger!
16 Feb 98 Version 1.0.17 is out. This version is a bug fix, which fixes:
  • Fix core dump when deleting account with open register windows.
  • Fix core dump when transfering money to deleted (non-existant) account.
  • Fix tabbing between ledger entry and record/cancel/close buttons.
  • MS Money QIF import fixes.
  • an obscure fix to Xbae table widget that may fix some mystery core dumps.
  • add CBB, MS-Money QIF export sample files
  • add SCO UnixWare, OpenServer build files
  • precompiled SCO UnixWare 7 and OpenServer 5 binaries
7 Jan 98 Version 1.0.16 is out. (Note the change in version numbering.) This version cleans up some bugs, including a bug that resulted in transactions being incorrectly sorted by date. Also, a debian package version of Xacc is available.
10 Dec 97 Version 1.0b11 is out. X-Accountant has a new web page!
03 Dec 97 Version 1.0b7 is out. Linas Vepstas has been helping keep the xacc project going while I have been bogged down with school-work. He has done a lot of good work, adding features to make X-Accountant a more powerful financial tool, and fixing bugs.
03 Dec 97 Version 0.9 is out. Version 0.9 is a pretty big code cleanup, and adds some nice features, like an adjust-balance window, a account reconcile window, hypertext context sensitive help, and some bug fixes.
Early June X-Accountant is born, because I am tired of having to reboot my computer to MacOS to run quicken. I can't find any reasonable alternatives on the net, so I start writing xacc!

Download X-Accountant:

To build and use X-Accountant, you need:

  • Motif, or Lesstif. X-Accountant has been tested with lesstif v0.81. There seem to be some bugs with lesstif v0.82, so until a newer version is released, v0.81 is the recommended version of lesstif to use.
  • The source

Or, X-Accountant is available in several package formats:

Precompiled binaries of xacc:

Mailing List:

Subscribe To subscribe to the xacc mailing list, send mail to xacc-request@linas.org. The message have the subject line subscribe your@email.address
    mail xacc-request@linas.org
    Subject: subscribe your@email.address
where your@email.address is replaced with your email address.
Unsubscribe To unsubscribe from the xacc mailing list, send mail to xacc-request@linas.org. The message have the subject line unsubscribe your@email.address
    mail xacc-request@linas.org
    Subject: unsubscribe your@email.address
where your@email.address is replaced with your email address.

Bug Reports:

Please, if you discover any bugs, or if you would like to suggest useful features, please send email to xacc-bugs@linas.org. We will do our best to fix whatever bugs you find.

* Quicken is a registered trademark of Intuit.

Rob Clark
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