Making the Railing Top Holder



Create two holders according to the following guide. The guide describes only half of the work because the other half is identical and can be done in parallel with the first half.

Material needed


Cut pieces from the 30x30x2mm closed square jaeckel profile: 84mm, 85mm, 100mm, 120mm if you do not have it already done in the shop where you bought it. If the railing is round instead of rectangular, cut out a suitable shallow wedge-shaped trough from the 120mm piece where it touches the railing. The pieces are identical to those pieces needed for railing side holder.

Determine the focal_length from pipe building guide. Cut 90mm or 160mm or 230mm from the 20x20x20x2mm open square jaeckel profile if focal_length <=204mm, focal_length <=274mm, focal_length>274mm, respectively.

Drill holes in the pieces as specified by the drawing.

Wash the pieces with warm water and detergent using the old toothbrush. Dry it out in a clean dry rag.

Paint the pieces with the primer. Paint first one half, then stand them on the dry end. Wash out the brush. As soon as the paint stops being sticky, turn them and paint the other half. Wash out the paintbrush. Wait until the primer dries. Paint a second layer using the same method.

Paint another two layers of top coat using the same method.

screw together the two pieces containing 4.3mm holes using the M4 screws and nuts. There are two possibilities how to do that. Try to think how the device will be mounted and choose the appropriate choice.

The holder is ready in a disassembled state. It will be mounted with the 120mm and 84mm pieces horizontally (they will be connected with the thread bars, having the railing between them). The remaining 8.3mm holes will be stuffed up with remaining M8 bolts with nuts.