Brainchildren -- Multiple Personality Disorder

Just finished reading the second essay in Daniel C. Dennett's book Brainchildren. The essay, "Speaking for Ourselves", is an approachable, general-interest review and discussion of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). The essay has an irritating flaw or two (such as its inappropriate use of the 'straw man' argumentative style with regard to 'proper-self' and 'fictive-self', or the insane/inappropriate analogy of the non-existence of the 'center of mass'). None-the-less, it does communicate a good, grounded way of understanding and talking about MPD.

In particular, is has a fascinating, speculative conclusion, and my goal here to to push that conclusion to further extremes.

Below is rough draft. Its late and I'm sleepy ...

Notes and Points to argue and elaborate:

Linas Vepstas April 2001