Eternity Services

File Storage Forever
What about deleting spam?

"Routes Around Damage": Copies Everywhere
My hard drive crashed, and I don't even care!
Encryption, redundancy, Error-Correcting Codes

Censorship-Resistant: Politcal Speech and Spam
If you can't delete it, then no one can?

Apathy Resistant: Do boring files go away?
Boring to you but not archeoligists

Privacy Protecting
Unreasonable search and seizure
Protection against Fraud, Viruses

Anonymous Publishing: Political Speech, Libel, Embarrasment

Anonymous Surfing, Onion Routing
Bounce Points hide identity, Anonymizers can be attacked.

Looks like a Filesystem to my OS
ZeroInstall: (not) installing Linux from BitTorrent

Automatic Versioning
Old copies of a file can be seen, but are read-only.

Time Stamps, Place Stamps, Metadata
Tell me about what is actually in the file.

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