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Hey there!

GLE32 is a Win32 specific adaptation of the OpenGL Tubing and Extrusions library that comes as part of the GLUT download. It works kind of like an OpenGL Play-Doh machine - you define the cross - section of an object with a series of two dimensional coordinate points, and then extrude this cross - section into three dimensional space by specifying a series of 3D cartesian coordinate points. The library also provides an encapsulation of the Windows implementation of OpenGL 2D and 3D fonts, several texture patterns and modes, and all the primitive shapes from the GLUT library, as well as a few of my own. The lion's share of credit for the extrusion code belongs to Linas Vepstas, whose email address is The GLUT shapes are from Mark Kilgard, and are copyrighted by him and Silicon Graphics. All the copyright info is in both the source and the documentation.

This version was originally developed with version 3 of Borland C++ Builder. The current source and compiled DLL's, etc., were compiled with version 6 of Microsoft Visual C++. So as not to abandon BCB entirely, I developed a straight C interface (because class objects, to the best of my knowledge, can't be exported from a VC++ DLL to a BCB application) that's in it's own header file (gle32bcb.h). This, and a .lib file extracted from the DLL with Borland's ImpLib utility, are in a separate folder in the DLL and source download. These allow BCB users to use the DLL. 


The DLL was written for my own use and was never intended to be any kind of commercial product (indeed, seeing as how much of the code isn't mine). It hasn't been extensively tested under all possible conditions. It does what I need and want - that may or may not be sufficient for you. If not..... well, here's the source code.

If you happen to find a bug in the code or the documentation, drop me a line.