Release Notes

1.0 September 25, 1999.



1.0b3 (formerly 0.9.3) April 9, 1999.


With the release of version 1.0b3, M-VIA is on the verge of providing complete Functional Conformance to the VIPL API. M-VIA has been Early Adopter conformant since its initial release and version 1.0b3 includes key functionality and infrastructure to move to the next level of conformance.

The major components of this release are support for asynchronous remote disconnect notification, pthreads compatibility, and a new connection manager. These components provide increased functionality to the application developer as well as necessary functionality and infrastructure for achieving Functional Conformance.

Remote disconnect notification allows user applications to detect and gracefully recover from broken connections. Moreover, it provides one of the missing components of Functional Conformance from previous version of M-VIA, allowing M-VIA to pass many more Intel conformance suite tests.

Pthreads compatibility provides application developers the ability to write multi-threaded applications and is the first step in providing a completely thread safe VIPL. Operations performed within a multi-threaded application on different VIs are inherently thread safe, but an application must currently provide its own explicit locks if multiple threads access a single VI. The use of pthreads instead of the Linux specific clone system call used in previous versions is the first step in the development of a fully thread safe VIPL. Additionally, the use of pthreads will enable the development of the VIPL asynchronous Notify functions.

The new connection manager is more robust than in the previous versions of M-VIA. The previous connection manager was a prototype to provide the required user level connection management features, however, under certain circumstances it would fail, resulting in a machine lockup. The new connection manager also makes it easier to develop the peer-to-peer connection routines required for Functional Conformance.


1.0b2 (formerly 0.9.2) November 17, 1998. Changes include:

1.0b1 (formerly 0.9.1) Initial Release (beta). November 5, 1998

M-VIA 1.0. Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:13:43 -0700.
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