The work pledge


August 31, 2000 I took the work pledge, and I urge all CPAs and accountants to consider it as well.

I will do no more work, forever. 

I will only play with metadata. I only talk and discuss systems that are capable of dealing with *types* of business data. If the systems have potential to process *types* of information, or to be configured or integrated to process business dealings automatically, I'll do the play until it's all talked out and played out. Yes. I gladly put myself out of business on each engagement. If you have recurring play, you are not faithful to the work pledge.

SMEs (small/med enterprises) should not continue printing and mailing checks and invoices. They should only TALK about  conducting business directly with their customers and suppliers through web-hosted applications, or at least, send and receive orders, invoices and payments over the internet. 

If their software vendors, webledger provider and other BSPs (bus. service providers) are doing their jobs, then NOBODY is going to have to do any more work, certainly not re-key anything, anyplace, ever again. 

How wonderful it will be to tell all of our clients to take a hike, instead of having intermediaries like CPAs and attorneys insinuated into every business relationship.

* Todd F. Boyle CPA
*   Kirkland WA (425) 827-3107
* XML accounting, webledgers, BSPs, ASPs, whatever it takes