General Ledger Design Concepts



Financial/Legal Requirements:

1. Company Parent, Subsidiary, Branch

2. Account

Account group, sub-group, and Account Number

(e.g. Expenses contains LaborCosts, contains Wages)

3. Accounting Period

Fiscal Year, Fiscal Quarter, Month

Financial Management / Accountability Requirements:

4. Transaction Type Transaction Type (such as Actual, Budget, Forecast)

5. Department


Management Requirements:

6. Customer Customer Class, Customer (Client)

(Most costs and revenues in the enterprise originate in systems where the Customer ID can be captured. The Customer ID is key to many valuable Joins into Customer table )

7. Employee

Employee Class, Employee

(Theoretically, most labor costs can be captured together with a code for Employee or class of employee. Many organizations also associate sales, or nonlabor costs such as automobiles or facilities, with employees or classes of employees)

8. Vendor

Vendor Class, Vendor

(Theoretically, most costs other than labor can be captured along with a Vendor code or class of Vendor.)

9. Job or Activity

Job Class, Job

(Accounting for profits and losses by activity is essential in many companies)