The PTR discussion forum


This has been superceded by the STR Project July 2000

The Web Accounting discussion forum ran during 4q99.

The purpose of the forum is to develop an open source Public Transaction Repository (PTR).  The forum is a dialogue between business users of the PTR, host organizations like CPAs, ASPs, and ISPs, and developers working on the specifications and code.

To participate in the list you should have a bonafide interest in becoming a service provider, for example, providing services as an online accounting system host, or using a web ledger in servicing accounting clients, or in creating the software and work models to make those things possible.  

The project is planned to be open source under the GNU copyleft license.   The business model for the participants of the project vary.  Participants generally plan to earn future revenue from consulting fees or user charges operating PTR hosts on internet.

There are two interfaces to the discussion:

To get up to speed fast, first read the summary at

Todd Boyle