This is the main account window. Control accounts from here. Add more documentation.

Below is a picture of the main window, with only the main accounts shown. Note how "ABC Bank" has been selected by highlighting. To show the detail accounts, click on the arrows on the left.

Here is the main window, with the detail accounts showing.

The "Open Subaccounts" menu item is interesting only if you choose an account with sub-accounts (detail accounts). Accounts with sub-accounts will always have arrows on thier left. By choosing the "Open Subaccounts" menu item, a general ledger window is opened, which displays all transactions for the lead and the detail accounts. Note that the general ledger window is more complicated and harder to use than the individual account registers. The general ledger window allows a more comprehensive overview of accounts in a smaller space. Because of its increased complixity, it use is recommended only for accounting experts.