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March 5, 2002  GLIEs library v.095 released with updated python script, html document etc.

Feb. 22, 2002  The GLIEs project moves towards technical compliance with the latest Core Components Technical Specification, as described January 21st below.   In coming weeks the GLIEs library and the AR/AP submission to OMG will both be revised, to harmonize their objects' naming and definitions. Here is the GLIEs Work in Progress.  Here is an implementation using the GLIEs in UML in Poseidon ZARGO format.

Feb. 17, 2002  ArapXML Consortium members prepare for upcoming meetings and release cycle:

Arne-Jørgen Berre, SINTEF, will produce for the OMG Web Services workshop in San Jose, March 4-7, 2002, the MDA Platform Independent Model for the GL/ARAP, with corresponding platform specific models, including CORBA, XML Web services, J2EE/EJB and ebXML.

Morten Jacobsen, NetAccount, will present the GL/ARAP to the D14 at the EWG meeting  
in Barcelona Mar 18-22, 2002.

Feb. 14, 2002  The ebTWG released its latest draft Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) at http//  ArapXML Consortium member, Netaccount, is listed as a contributor to the Core Component Technical Specification in this release.  The CCTS for the first time, supports RFC 2396 URIs in its Identifier datatype, a key improvement enabling the ARAP submission and the GLIEs project here on this website.

January 21, 2002  The XML schema portion of this project (ArapXML) is undergoing a major  transformation.  ArapXML is no longer an XML schema project.  It is a project for definition of syntax-neutral Core Component vocabulary for application integration, more broadly than General Ledger or ARAP.  See the Requirements document, and the draft GL Information Entities (GLIEs).  

January 21, 2002  SINTEF and Netaccount announce ongoing work on their AR/AP software submission to OMG for April 2002 turnover at OMG Yokohama, April 2002. 

December 2001: Core components definitions for the accounting context (to replace ArapXML)

November 2001: Accounting Ontology Whitepaper  Roadmap to GL integration with ebXML 

OMG's Nov. 2001 press release highlights our ARAP project! 

November 2001: MAJOR NEWS!   Netaccount/SINTEF complete their initial AR/AP submission to OMG (incl. IDL)

April 2001: OMG's AR/AP Request for Proposal 

Introduction to ArapXML (52Kb powerpoint)

Overview of domains in arapXML


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The AR/AP project is developing a complete ontological foundation and design for a standard general ledger.

The project includes a software specification in response to OMG's RFP (request for proposals) for an AR/AP (accounts receivable/payable) system.

The project also includes a library of accounting interface components compliant with the ebXML Core Component Technical Specification.

The project is syntax neutral and built on a UML foundation.