The UFO-Lifter v1.0 Experiment
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update December 9, 2001
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The UFO-Lifter v1.0 is a new design of Lifter. This new shape uses two stages of asymmetrical capacitors, the lower stage is a 30 cm Decagon and the upper stage is a 16 cm Pentagon.

The UFO-Lifter v1.0 is maintained on the ground base with 3 thin nylon threads to avoid that it escapes to the ceiling...

The UFO-Lifter v1.0 specifications

The UFO-Lifter v1.0 uses 15 asymmetrical capacitors ( each 93 mm length ). Each asymmetrical capacitor is built with one electrode made with a thin corona wire placed 35 mm above the main rectangular aluminum electrode.

  • Weight : 6 g

  • Size : 300 mm diam. and 90 mm high made with a thin aluminum sheet ( 12 micrometer thick ).

  • Main frame : balsa wood 15/10 mm thick and 2 mm wide.

  • Power required for a stable flight above the ground : 30 Watts ( 22.5 KV @ 1.33 mA )

When the HV Power Supply is switched on, the UFO-Lifter goes upward quickly and remains very stable ( It is maintened above the table with the 3 nylon wires ) with a low humming noise, that you may hear in background...

Download the UFO-Lifter sound wave ( 189 Kb )

The UFO-Lifter v1.0 works very well with a simple 30KV power supply ( see the details and diagram )

See the video of UFO-Lifter v1.0 experiment

To see the videos, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 469 Kb )


My first launch test of the UFO-Lifter was a failure, the device produced a lot of ozone, a strong ion wind and consummed a lot of Power ( 121 Watts ( 40KV DC @ 3.03mA ) without any thrust upward. I was a bit disapointed and after some investigations, I have found that this was due to a wrong design of the edge of the aluminum armature of the capacitor. I have added a small aluminum sheet on each armature edge nearest to the wire so as to get a rounded shape. The result was spectacular, when I switched on the Power Supply, the UFO-Lifter went upward quickly and the current had dropped dramatically, the required power for a good hoovering was only 30 Watts.... See the details below :

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