The Transdimensional's Lifter2 Experiment
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update November 7th, 2001
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On June 2001, Transdimensional Technologies has presented the Lifter1 and Lifter2 devices. The Lifter1 device was built with three capacitors joined so as to form a triangle assembly and the Lifter2 is three time heavier and three time bigger than the Lifter1. These devices are able to lift their own weight and they are a "modern version" of the Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Apparatus. The Lifters are using the Biefeld-Brown Effect to generate the main thrust to self levitate. I have already built some similar devices in April 1999, see "The EHD Flying Saucer v1.0 ".

Today, I have replicated successfully the Transdimensional Power3 Lifter1 and Lifter2. You will find below the full details of the Lifter2 replication that I have conducted.

The Lifter2 is maintained on the ground base with 3 thin nylon threads to avoid that it escapes to the ceiling...

The Lifter2 specifications

The Lifter2 is an asymmetrical capacitor with one electrode made with a thin corona wire placed at 30 mm from the main rectangular electrode constructed "ala" Townsend Brown.

  • Weight : 6.6 g

  • Main Triangle size : Equilateral with each side 400 mm wide and 40 mm high made with a thin aluminum sheet.

  • Mounting legs : 30 mm length.

  • Main frame : balsa wood 15/10 mm thick and 2 mm wide.

  • Power required to compensate the weight : 21.9 Watts ( 38.5KV @ 570 uA )

  • Power required for a stable flight above the ground with a payload of 3 g : 48.5 Watts ( 43.35 KV @ 1.12mA )

The Lifter2 works very well with a simple 30KV power supply ( see the details and diagram )

It is also possible to use the THT power supply output from an old PC Color monitor ( see the photo above )

See the video of Lifter2 experiment

To see the videos, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 465 Kb )

Lifter2 Test Results : Today I have reproduced successfully the Lifter2 device presented by Transdimensional Technologies and I can confirm fully all their claims. The Lifter2 is a fascinating device, the resulting lift is stronger than the Lifter1 ( 150% ) and the it is able to accelerate upwards very quickly and silently. The Lifter2 has a weight of 6.6 g and is able to carry a payload up to 3 g with 48.6 Watts.

Comparison chart :

  Weight Payload Power to compensate the weight Power for a stable flight
Lifter 1 2.3 g 1 g 18 Watts ( 40 KV @ 450 uA ) 23.9 Watts ( 41.9 KV @ 570 uA )
Lifter 2 6.6 g 3 g 21.9 Watts ( 38.5KV @ 570 uA ) 48.5 Watts ( 43.35 KV @ 1.12mA )

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