Towards a controlled flight...
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update October 21th, 2001
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You will find below a proposal for controlling the flight of the Lifter. I have used the Lifter v3.0 in this exemple.

The main idea is to find a mean to get a highly manoeuvrable device. In the previous experiments that I have conducted on the Lifter, I have noticed that all the Lifters have a very high manoeuvrability in flight and this seems independent of their size and mass.

In the diagrams below, some Lifter cells has been coloured in Red, Green and Yellow for a better understanding of the process.

See the manoeuvrabilty test of the Lifter in the video below, only the main voltage has been used to steer the Lifter v3.0.


It is very interesting to notice that the Lifter slide on its sides very quickly and that very few voltage change ( about 2 KV ) are able to produce a high speed motion by sliding effect. Below, you will find the recorded voltage sent to the Lifter cells during a manoeuvrability test.

To see the videos, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required

Manoeuvrability flight test video

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 769 Kb )

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