The Lifter-Craft v1.0
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on May 6th, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update May 10, 2002
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The purpose of this experiment is to improve the Thrust/Power ratio of the Lifter device. According to the Michael Couch and Evgenij Barsoukov's theory of the Lifter , I have built a new Lifter design with some new improvements :

TEST #1 with a payload :

The thrust is stronger than with the Lifter1. The device is able to carry 2 g of payload at 36.7 KV @ 657 uA ( 24 Watts ) with a total weight of 6 g, see the photo below.

Comparing to the Lifter1 ( Total weight = 3.3 g with 41.9 KV @ 570 uA ( 23.9 Watts ) ), with this new design the thrust is 1.8 more than with the Lifter1 with the same power requirement. This is very encouraging....

So, I have decided to add, in the center of the Lifter-Craft, a pyramidal box ( see the photos below ) for improving the thrust by using a Bernouilli Effect, I have called this box, the "Bernouilli's enhancer". In a future design, such a pyramidal box will be used as a cargo bay for the on-board electronic equiments ( power supply, batteries, RC components ) :

TEST #2 with the Bernouilli's enhancer :

The resulting thrust is stronger and the power requirement is lower than without the Bernouilli's enhancer ( the pyramidal box ). For a total weight of 7 g, the power requirement is only 18.9 Watts ( 35 KV @ 540 uA ).

The Lifter-Craft design is 2.7 more efficient than the Lifter1...

The leading edge of the aluminum plate is rounded and thicker than in the previous Lifter1 design.

The Lifter-Craft specifications

The Lifter-Craft is an asymmetrical capacitor with one electrode made with a very thin enameled corona wire 0.05 mm diam placed at 70 mm from the main rectangular conductive electrode.

  • Engine size : Equilateral triangle with each side 300 mm long, 15 mm high and 3 mm thick, made with a 3 mm polystyren foam covered with a thin aluminum sheet ( 12 micrometer thick ) .

  • Main pyramidal frame : cardboard 200 mm wide and 60 mm height.

  • Total Weight : 7 g

  • Power required for a stable flight above the ground : 18.9 Watts ( 35 KV @ 540uA )

See the video of Lifter-Craft experiment

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