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Date : 06/11/01 08:07:48
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Dear All,

IMHO, I think that there are some differences between Antigravity and Electrogravity :

Power requirement :
- Antigravity : It is required a great amount of power for getting the basic effect,
- Electrogravity : The basic effect can be obtain with few power.

- Antigravity : The power required for getting the effect is constant and independant of the total mass of the spacecraft and its content. So, in this case, the power generator can be very heavy because its weight is cancelled...
- Electrogravity : The power is fully dependant from the total mass of the of the spacecraft. More weight, more power, but the effect increases while the altitude increases and thus the craft acceleration upward can be very fast comparing to a common helicopter which has a max ceiling.

Newton 3rd law violation :
Antigravity and Electrogravity both violate the Newton 3rd law, BUT, there are some restrictions with the Electrogravity.
- Electrogravity : The thrust is only applied on the atom structure of the main armature ( in the Lifter this is the aluminum plate ), so, for increasing the thrust dense material is required. Special equipments are required for the payload and the onboard team...
- Antigravity : No special equipment is required for the payload and the onboard team...

Shielding Effects :
- Electrogravity : There is no shielding effect above and below the craft... The medium flow around the craft goes downward during the Lift Off like an helicopter.
- Antigravity : The hull of the spacecraft acts as a shield Vs the gravity field, there is a shielding effect above and below the craft. The medium around the craft is fully repulsed by the hull of the craft.

Secundary Effects :
- Electrogravity : Due to the strong ionization of the air, ozone and glowing effects are generated around the craft. There are also a humming and variable noise during the LiftOff and landing sequence. A plasma sheet can cover the entire hull of the craft due to the strong E-Field. The generation of ELF around the craft can generates some troubles. Strong Electric and magnetic field can be induced near the craft.
- Antigravity : The craft can be fully black, translucid and may vanish to an observer due to the change of the refraction indice of the surrounding medium. The objects near the craft can be set in motion due to the local change of the gravity field. There are also some possible time modification near the craft due to the local distortion of the spacetime.

Antigravity Vs Electrogravity :

- Electrogravity is the low cost way for the Advanced Propulsion. It is limited to small crafts and works better in an atmospherical environment due to help of the motion of the medium. The effect increases while the pressure decreases and this works also in the full vacuum with some special additional features.
- Antigravity is the royal way. There is no limitation, but, due to some strong secundary effects on the surrounding, this must be used for big spacecrafts and this is better for a deep space travel.

Fiction, Anticipation... That is the question, today...

Best Regards
Jean-Louis Naudin
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