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Recommended usage of Ronja

Ronja is useful everywhere, where you want to communicate point-to point, have a direct visibility between the two objects (houses, apartments, ...) and possibility of connecting the device to your PC.

You usually run PPP over the link and have an ordinary TCP/IP internet link over Ronja. You may then transmit everything you want in the ususal fashion over the internet link. It's a cheap way how to get over the notorious Last Mile Problem. If you can't afford a permanent connection into the Internet, you can connect together with your friend and have a permanent connection for half of the price. Or third of the price if you connect with one more man and so on.

Or you can realize a local free-style internet like Consume and many others (see web links).

Ronja is recommended for people who don't like organizations like governments, FCC and so on which tell you where you may transmit and where you must not -- in the optical band, you can transmit wherever you want because optical band was allocated already when Sun started to shine. I think there isn't as stupid government in the wourld to regulate Sun. It is also recommended for people who fear eavesdropping: it is extremely difficult to eavesdrop Ronja as the information goes only in the intended direction. If the attacker is able to get into the beam (or sniff at the cables), you may simply use encryption (ssh, scp).

Ronja is suitable also for people who think that ordinary wireless systems are too expensive: Ronja is the cheapest wireless system available. You can build it from really cheap parts because all parts Ronja is composed from are common and widespread.

The prototype of Ronja (Ronja 115 Loopipe that is running at my balcony and friend's rooftop) is used for these things: Instead of telephone (it's a long time from the last phone call between me and my friend), for talking, e-mail, ftp, telnet, playing DOOM, QUAKE, downloading software, music from CD's and so on.

If you want to connect a company and know somebody living nearby who is already conneted into the Internet and is willing to borrow some of his traffic capacity, you may simply place Ronja there and obtain an immediate, cheap link leading to the Internet.

If you are paranoid, you can coonect your home alarm via Ronja to your neigbour's house so that when somebody burglars your house, neighbour will get known about it and use "Pumping Action -- Immediate Satisfaction" method to pacify the burglar.

My friend is currently using Ronja 115 Loopipe (the serial No. 0, the first prototype :-) ) to connect his home computer to the Internet. He's running Linux there as well as me here. If you don't believe Ronja works, simply issue command "ping" or "traceroute" Your packets will run through Ronja.

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