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Integrated IR transceivers

Integrated analogue circuits

Digital IC's

Discrete parts

Where to get the stuff


The lenses: Chinese "Baloon" manufactures 75mm, 90mm and 110mm dia. relatively cheap lenses made of glass that are slightly bluishly glaucous.

New (26th August 2001): Glass loupes up to 100mm dia. can be obtained for 60CZK at various bazaars in Prague.

Czech firm Eopta makes credit-card sized Fresnel lenses that look like this.

You can buy magnificient A4-sized lenses at Edmund Scientific. These may be obtaines also at optician's or a shop for sight-impaired people (used for enlarging whole pages of text).

You can get A4-sized fresnel lens for 220CZK at Sight-impaired shop Tyflopomucky Olomouc in Czech Republic. They also send it by mail. The loupe looks like this.

Vyvojova Opticka Dilna Akademie Ved CR (Development Optical Workshop of Czech Academy of Science) makes high-quality (and thus expensive) paraboloid mirror, lenses and filters.

Electronic parts

All these electronic parts should be widely available. Ask your local electronic parts distributor. My local distributor has got all these parts.
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