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Ronja project background

Few years ago I was talking with my friend that lives about 260 meters away from me and I got and idea about communicating in lightwave band with him. The notorious way of flashing the torches is considerably stupid and slow so I decided to build something electronic. First I thought that for example voice could be transmitted over the link but then I decided that if I connected the whole stuff to computer, anything would be possible to be transmitted including voice.

For some longer time I have been experimenting with light, infrared light, lenses and LED diodes (but never with lasers) and finally I figured out how to build the link efficiently.

Then I built with help of my brother the first prototype and placed it on my balcony and friend's rooftop. It was in February 2000. The prototype was Ronja 115 Loopipe. On my side, there is an SIR interface, 25 meters of double thin coaxial cable (3mm diameter low-frequency cable) . On friend's side, ther is a RS232 interface (fairly doubtful, but works without problem) and 17 meters of double 6mm-diameter coaxial cable. So my side is Ronja 115 Loopipe IrDA version and my friend has got Ronja 115 Loopipe RS232 version. Look at these pictures how the devices look like:

Ronja 115200 Loopipe on my balcony Ronja 115200 Loopipe on my balcony, another view
We have been using this prototype since then with only one realignment since (because the holder design was not much good -- I'm working on some better ;) ) and excellent operation.

I have decided to slowly (unfortunately I have not much time as I'm a student and do other things :( ) start development of the Ronja 10M Bithazard as many people are sending me emails that Ronja 10M Bithazard is just the thing they always wished for Christmas :-)

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