GnoTime -- Roadmap

GnoTime still needs some serious work in a number of areas. If you have the skills, please volunteer to help out.

(Note: this web page was created by GnoTime: it is merely a copy of the 'Status Report' for a list of projects stored in GnoTime.)

Usability -- GUI Enhancements
The GUI can be made simpler, easier and more powerful at the same time. This is an issue I care about a lot: improve usability without adding feature bloat. Easier said than done. Looking for volunteers to implement the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

If you are good at style and looks, and know HTML, then please volunteer to spiff up the html reports. Please note: this web page itself was created by GnoTime -- it is just a copy of the default "Status Report" for a list of GnoTime subprojects.

E-Mail Reports -- With Your Favorite Emailer
There are two things I'd like to do that one would think are real easy: add a button allowing a report to be emailed, using your favorite emailer and address-book, of course, and add a button to automatically view a report with your favorite web browser. Amazingly, this is quite hard, because at this time, neither the Gnome nor KDE desktop projects offer any infrastructure to make this easy. If you've got both the technical and political smarts to create a solution to this problem, the please amble on over to and make it happen.

While we're at it, it would be nice to be able to pull a report into an HTML editor, and do some tweaking and adjsuting before emailing it out. GtkHtml supports editing, it just needs to be turned on for GnoTime.

Diary Maintenance -- Using GNotes
The diary notes area in GnoTime is small -- its a great size if you are maintaining simple to-do lists and need only to add a few words or sentances to some items. But if you want to use GnoTime for some serious status-tracking and notes maintance, not to mention blogging, then the notes edit area is too small and simple. It would be nice to be able to pop up something a little fancier, e.g. GNotes or KWord, something with a bit of spell-checking in it, maybe a bit of html validation, some font support, and certainly a larger working area.

GnuCash Integration -- Import Invoices
It should be possible to import invoices into GnuCash for general processing. The easiest way to do this might be to use the export feature in GnoTime, writing a 'report' exports the data to OFX. Shouldn't be hard ...

SQL Support -- Multi-User Capabilites
A frequent request is for a multi-user version of GnoTime. A basic level of multi-user capabilities can be achieved by adding support for an SQL backend. We've got some neat ideas on how to make this work in an easy and future-proof manner. We're planning on using DWI/DUI. This work might be just around the corner.

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