Crazy Ideas -- Data Structures on the Web

There's a large number of crazy ideas I have for tying together many of the projects that I'm working on: dwi, qof, gtt, gnucash. This is an attemt to capture some of them, talk about them (with myself), debate them.

RDF for GnoTime -- Should Gnotime export RDF?
RDF == Resource Description Format is a specialized markup that describes resources. Could we/should we write an RDF to describe the data in GnoTime? Or GnuCash? How? Why? What would we describe?

I think we would describe ... what a diary entry is, that a project constists of diary entries ...

Problem: in the Gnome/KDE desktop world, who consumes RDF's? Whose the consumer of this data?

Could it be Chandler from Mitch Kapor? (inspired by the old Lotus Agenda thingy?)

chandler/lotus agenda -- should gnotime look like that?
Should GnoTime get some chandler-/agenda inspired features?

RSS for GnoTime -- Should GnoTime export RSS?
It would be easy to write an RSS report for gnotime, but what's the point? ... well, it might be interestting if one of the gnotime features allowed one to indicate where to publish the RSS, and then do so on a regular bases (and/or when the timer ticked). But who is looking at this stuff? What's the point?

Well, it would help turn gnotime into a live blogging tool. And it might (or might not) have one advantage... it might be easier to work on more things at once. After all, everything is already here, and one has the interactivity of a desktop app, instead of a world-wide-wait.

persistant gobjects -- gobject to xml
It shoudl be straightforward to convert GLib GObjects to XML, and back, simply by walking the list of Glib properties, and converting them to XML. Has anyone done this yet? James Henstridge writes: glade has done it ... sort of ... in the glade3 source repository ... not cleanly ...

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