SOLD - 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The Cutlass 2-door A-body sedan is a classic muscle car from the year that defined the very peak of the muscle-car era: 1967. The graceful, flowing, 'muscular' lines of the fenders, doors and roof defined the modern look of the sedan. This marked departure from the bulbous, finned look of the 50's, 40's and 30's set the modern standard for car-body design that defines what a sedan is and looks like to this very day. The Cutlass features a nearly-vertical rear window protected by raked fins that has since been seen on some other American and Japanese sports cars, and is especially popular among many European sports cars. The 'Supreme' designation means the stock Cutlass came with some super-sport-like features: stock 4 BBL Quadrajet carb on an Olds 330 CID, bucket seats, floor-mounted shifter for automatic tranny. I'm not too clear on how this differs from a 442.

The Cutlass is built on the GM A-body, which means that the suspension parts and mounting points are interchangeable with the other muscle cars of the '66 to '72 era: the Chevy Chevelle SuperSport, the Pontiac, the Buick LeSabre.


This particular car is a project car: not running, needs engine work, needs body work. Restorable or can be parted out. Used to be carefully maintained. Garaged clean and dry for the last 11 years, interior in good condition.

The paint and mismatched body panels make it look worse than it is. Here's a gallery of 1967 Cutlass Web Sites that show what this car could look like!

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As of October 2001, must go, best offer. In Austin TX.

SOLD. Kicking myself because I sold it for way too little ($500), and had a better deal lined up which I duhhh blew off. Could traded it for an engine rebuild :-(