CueCat driver for the Linux kernel

The CueCat driver is a driver for the Linux kernel. It provides a standard /dev interface to read barcodes from one or more :Cue:C.A.T.[tm] devices connected to your computer.

This driver has been created and is currently maintained by Pierre-Philippe Coupard

Download :

  • CueCat driver 0.2.0

    New :

  • Corrected the /proc/scanners/cuecat readback routine.
  • Corrected the AT to XT table for the PS/2 mouse CueCat and the serial port CueCat, changed the default behavior of the USB CueCat driver and extended the /proc/scanners/cuecat interface to support status readback.
  • Added 2 base64 codes that certain CueCat devices seem to use
  • Added support for the USB CueCat in the driver
  • Added instructions to build a pod to connect a CueCat on a serial port, and completed read_cuecat to exploit the new feature.
  • Minor correction in the driver when compiling the kernel without proc filesystem support.
  • The driver now has an official minor and major numbers. It has a single device file again that serves barcodes read by all the CueCat devices connected to the system
  • CueAct can now handle different CueCat devices in different ways. Also added wildcards in the CueCat ID and the barcode type
  • The decoder and the kernel driver have been completely re-architectured to support 2 Cuecats, one on a keyboard port and the other on a PS/2 port. Check it out, 2 CueCats on the same PC !
  • Many bugfixes in the kernel driver.
  • Now the kernel driver can be built as a module
  • The barcode decoder now compensates for the "dropping UPC-E check digit" bug in the CueCat's firmware
  • More barcode types supported by the CueAct utility (UPS & Fedex tracking barcodes, magazines ...)
  • The Changelog is here (text file).

    How to use a :Cue:C.A.T.[tm] on a serial port:

  • Instructions to make a :Cue:C.A.T.[tm] RS232 pod

    Contributions :

  • Contributions to the CueCat driver
  • The Caldera Users List Step by Step Guide for the CueCat
  • Perl version of the CueAct utility

    Blatant plug : Thanks to Lineo, Inc. for sponsoring and supporting this software.

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