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This site is dedicated to raising awareness in regards to DVD playing on personal computers and the CSS protection scheme.

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    Short News

    Print out this Flyer from 2600 and distribute it to all your friends and movie theater patrons. - Son of DIVX: DVD Copy Control
    Sign the petition against the treatment received by Jon Johanson!
    A guide to protesting the actions of the MPAA, RIAA, and other corporate bullies, contributed anonymously.
    It appears that the author of DeCSS, Jon Johansson, has been indicted, searched and arrested according to these slashdot stories.
    The Honorable William J. Elfving has GRANTED in part the DVD-CCA's Motion for Preliminary Injunction in the California case. For full text of the filing and more, see the full news page
    Another Slashdot story. Seems like the MPAA is now sending out letters accusing sites of violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Interesting, since the act allows reverse engineering for compatibility.
    I want my DVD, your honor: a humoristic view from the legal side of the matter, a definite must-read.
    Another slashdot report: Basicly, the MPAA has filed two more lawsuits.
    Slashdot reports the preliminary injunction hearing has been rescheduled to 18 jan due to a scheduling conflict.
    OK, the Slashdotting (see had a bit of a performance impact on our server, but that is fixed now. Our estimate is that we can take about 5 to 10 times the Slashdot-imposed load, so don't hesitate to link us from the busiest sites you can find...
    A message from Eric S. Raymond explaining our plight.
    Don Marti has a Source Code Distribution Contest. Be creative, and win some DVDs (to play under Linux, of course!)
    Here we go again! The defendants have recieved another summons
    New York City 99.5 Radio Broadcast now online
    Motion denied! The judge denied the Temporary Restraining Order filed by the DVD CCA. This article was the first to reach us with the news. Here is the slashdot story. Here is Chris DiBona's report.
    This is the best article on our plight so far. Read it.
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    There is also an IRC channel where you can discuss OpenDVD. Point your IRC client to OpenProjectsNet (, channel #opendvd. You can also visit our message board, where you can post your feedback.

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