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William H. Geiger III

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Censorware, will they never learn?

I have just received word that Microsystems Software Inc. has filed a lawsuit against two programmers who published a break of the Cyber Patrol filtering software allowing users to circumvent the program and examine their block list.

I have never liked filtering software. There is an inherent risk of abuse by those who create the "block lists" that these programs use. Because the software companies consider these lists to be "trade secrets" no one is able to review what they are blocking or why. Rub someone at the company the wrong way and your website goes into a black hole never to be seen again.

Now if these compaines had just stuck to selling their filtering software to the private market I still wouldn't like it but could tolarate it. When they try to use the Legislative process to cram their ideas down our collective throats, that's when I get hopping mad!!

Over the past several years these companies have used FUD "Fear Uncertianty & Doubt" as both a marketing tatic to parents worried about their children and to governments in an attempt to get laws passed forcing the use of these programs on computers that provide public access to the Internet (schools, libraries, ..ect).

In addition to their fearmongering these software products do not live up to the grandious claimes that they make. Their block lists are full of misslabled sites. Some compaines have the audasity to claim that every page is human checked before being added (an impossible task when compaired to the number of sites they claim to review and the number of people on staff).

With the exponetial growth of the internet it is impossible for these companies to block all but a small fraction of the content that these programs are designed to "protect" us from. No wonder they want to keep their block lists secret, bringing them to the light of day shows everyone what the true worth of these types of programs, nothing.

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Original Site *** Censored!! ***

New Slashdot Article

Declan McCullagh, a journalist for Wired, archive of case-related documents

SJ Mercury Article on Lawsuit

List of articles written by Reporter Declan McCullagh on Cyberpatrol

Slashdot Article

For More information on Censorware Products:



UK Censors at Work

I receive a copy of a news article written in the Independent, a UK newspaper.

A Mr. Hulbert after fighting the court system for years seeking justice after a false arrest and imprisonment which included court transcripts being altered by the trial Judge and court stegnographer put up a website outlining his saga.

Well It seems that the The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine of Lairg doesn't like the ideal of Political Free Speech for the UK subjects and has had the ISP,, shut down the website.

I find shameful the actions of both the UK government and the ISP for so blatantly disregarding the civil rights of Mr. Hulbert.

Below are the relevant links on this issue:

Local Mirror of Mr. Hulbert's Webpages

After Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties became involved in the case a couple of online news organizations have picked up the story:

Wired News Article

ZDNet News Article

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK), a civil liberties orginization in the UK has issued a statement on Mr. Hulbert's case.

Hulbertís Case, the Lord Chancellor and Censorship of the Internet: A Statement by Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

Jeffrey Goldberg Has put up a mirror of Mr. Hulbert's web site with his own introduction and commentary. He has done so on a UK ISP server so it should be interesting to see if the Lord Chancellor attempts to shut this site down also.

Jeffrey Goldberg's Mirror

E-Mail Message announcing Jeffrey Goldberg's UK Mirror

Follow-up Message from Jeffrey Goldberg

Mirror of Mr. Hulbert's Webpages provided by

News Article in the Independent

E-Mail Message from ISP notifying the termination of Mr. Hulbert's website

The ISP that likes to help government censorship

The Lord Chancellor's (and UK Censor) Web Site message: TAKE NOTICE by Mr. Hulbert to the newsgroup

If you wish to contact Mr Hulbert an send him a message of support I am sure he would appreciate it.

AU Censors at Work

I received the folloing message today on one of my mailing lists. In responce, I am providing a mirror of the Art of Shoplifting


My copy of the incredibly dangerous "Art of Shoplifting" article
(illegal in Australia) has come to the attention of the local vigilantes
(CrimeStoppers), who are complaining to the university about it...

I'd like to get two additional mirrors before I take my copy down
(under protest). Is anyone willing to hold a copy of: Art of Shoplifting for me?